Wecome to our video series “How To Drive A Trick Truck" with Justin Lofton. As the title suggests—in this series—professional racer Justin Lofton breaks down what you should know about driving a race truck. If your dream is to get behind the wheel of a race truck, this is a good place to start! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here: @methodracewheels

EPISODE 1: Introduction 

If you’re new to this space, you might be asking who is Justin Lofton and what qualifies him to teach anybody how to drive a trophy truck? Justin Lofton is three-time Mint 400 overall champion, 2009 ARCA champion and grew up right outside of Glamis—the ultimate off-road destination in California. In this episode Justin goes over what exactly is off-road racing, the different kinds of classes you would find in an off-road race and a quick breakdown on his race truck also known as Bad Co.

EPISODE 2: Safety Gear 

Safety first! In this episode Justin Lofton talks about the essential safety gear when operating and racing a Trick Truck. This includes everything from race suits to gloves and everything in between. Does being safe make you a faster driver?

EPISODE 3: How to Shift a TT 

One last topic before we jump in the driver’s seat—we’re talking transmissions. Justin goes over the differences of manual and automatic transmissions. What does a torque converter do? What does Justin use? Which one should you use? Watch the video and find out what works best for you.

EPISODE 4: Starting the truck 

We're switching up classrooms today and out in Plaster City, CA. Justin Lofton goes over everything you need to do before you hit first gear like a physical walk around your Trick Truck and familiarizing yourself with the gauges you have inside.

EPISODE 5: Cornering 

We all can drive in a straight line (hopefully), but what happens when the race course throws some corners your way? In this episode Justin Lofton goes over cornering. 

EPISODE 6: Rough Stuff 

When it comes to rough terrain the capabilities of the modern Trick Truck are amazing. However that doesn't mean you can hit the desert at full speed all the time. Knowing the altitude changes and how big the holes you are inevitably going to encounter will determine how fast you can go.

EPISODE 7: High Speed 

We've covered cornering, we've covered the rough stuff, now let's talk about speed. Justin Lofton goes over what you should know when you're hitting 150mph on a lakebed.

EPISODE 8: It's Getting Dusty 

With speed comes catching up to other racers, time to learn how to drive in the dust. How to make that pass and to it safely. 

EPISODE 9: Into The Night 

EPISODE 10: Winner, Winner 








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