They say that wheels on your vehicle reflects your personality and style. Let’s face it, you’re doing yourself a favor by using aftermarket wheels instead of the mundane OEM manufacturer wheels. A great way to make your wheels stand out is with a set of bronze wheels. Whether it’s a Ford Raptor, a Jeep, or a Toyota 4Runner it’ll give a great contrast to your overland or off-road build. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled five of our favorite Method Bronze features. Everything from our Street Series to our Trail Series. Trust us, your car will benefit from a lighter, stronger, faster wheel. 

When was the last time you saw a rad 40’s truck sitting on the quintessential 305 NV wheel? If you missed this rad truck when we featured it, check it now. You won’t be disappointed.


You probably know Rhys Millen for his skills in off-road racing, rallycross and drifting. What happens when a skilled driver gets to build his own car? You get the Jackal and equipped with 401-R UTV Series wheels. It's also worth noting that Rhys custom painted his 401-R in Method bronze. 


Chris Laney has one of the coolest Colorados we’ve seen on social media. It looks like the perfect overlanding vehicle fitted with 701 Trail Series bead grip wheels.


It doesn’t take an expert to see that the Baja Forged F-250 is very special. The folks at Baja Forged opted for the 305 NV HD for this specific build. What do you guys think?


On weekends you’ll probably find Austin Berendes driving his Jeep to Big Bear which is part of the San Bernardino National Forest in California and a great destination for people who love the outdoors. His Jeep is equipped with some serious 106 beadlock wheels, but that doesn’t stop him from driving it one his 100 daily work commute.



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