We may put serious work into our wheel development and testing, but at Method we also like to have some fun. Every 4/1, our team develops a fictitious product, complete with exclusive technologies and mockups, as a little prank on one of our favorite days. Take a look back at our April Fools Day "product" drops.

301-SE Suspension Edition

The world’s first full-suspension wheel is here.

Like race day, every second counts. FOX and METHOD have joined forces and wasted no time in pursuing engineering excellence. From blueprint conceptual development phase to production in just under a month, the world’s first full-suspension wheel is available now.

Patented S.I.C.K. Technology (Suspension Integrated Circular Kinematics) is the driving force behind the 301-SE.

The vehicle’s shock absorbers handle the big hits, but the suspension wheel adds enough small bump compliance to effectively remove terrain vibrations entirely. This allows for more traction, a smoother ride, and more unspilled sips of that mystery drink in your cupholder. 

For unparalleled ride quality, our patented Independent Spoke Adjust technology allows for external fine-tuning of suspension performance with independently adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping per spoke.



562 LBC Spec

122-spoke, 24 karat gold-plate wheel features patented Easy T-Handle Technology.

Born in the warehouse district bordering South Compton and North Long Beach, Method returns to its roots with the new 562 wheel. 

Since its inception, Method Race Wheels has been committed to crafting Lighter, Stronger, Faster wheels. And now they're taking a break from the dirt and hitting the asphalt with the 562 for those who roll Lower, Slower, and sometimes on only three wheels.
The 122-spoke, 24 karat gold-plate wheel features patented Easy T-Handle Technology. The revolutionary new Easy T-Handle design allows for expansion and compression at the hub level, allowing for increasing or decreasing the sidewall on the fly. 
Worried about curb rash? Turn it in and increase that sidewall. 
Might need to make a quick getaway? Unwind for low profile ride and the best cornering for a quick escape.




Carbon Fiber 105 Beadlock

Revolutionary carbon fiber beadlock wheel for your off-road build. 

We’re taking our wheels to a whole new level of lighter, stronger, faster! Introducing the first ever Method Race Wheel 105 carbon fiber beadlock wheel in our new Carbon Series!

You don’t have to buy a Ford GT500 or a Ferrari 488 Pista to own a set of carbon fiber wheels anymore, when you can cop our revolutionary carbon fiber beadlock wheel for your off-road build. The bolts are made of patent Ultra-Black Vibranium.

It features resistant cross-linked polymer embedded with extruded carbon strands. We are launching the wheel with an exclusive Method B.R.O.N.Z.* carbon hue made from the addition of orange-infused Adamantium. Only 1,000 wheels have been made and each have been serialized and includes a badge of authenticity for the vehicle.





All New Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheel



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