Sale Pricing, Gift Cards, & Discounts

Discount or Sale Prices:

Discount offers and Sale Prices do not stack. During a sale period you can not stack any other discount offer on top of Sale Prices. 

Any existing coupons used during a sale period will discount price off of MSRP, not discount the sale price.

Sale Prices apply to in-stock items only. Rainchecks or IOUs are not available on Sale Prices.

Special Discount Code offers apply to an order of five wheels total (four plus one spare)


Gift Cards:

If you purchased or received a Method Race Wheels gift card please retain the original email and code. 

Gift Card values do not expire. 

Gift Card can be used more than once if there is a balance remaining. 

Gift Cards are not reloadable. 

Gift Card remaining value can be checked with the original email link for Gift Card. If you have lost this link, please contact or call 866.779.8604 and your original email can be resent.