The second stop for the FIA World Cup Cross-Country Rallies takes racers to the central part of Asia for the Rally Kazakhstan. The course runs through the Mangystau region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The rally starts and finish in the city of Aktau sitting near the Caspian Sea.

One new segment of the Kazakhstan rally is the Marthon Stage held in the coastal area of Kenderly where only competitors were authorized to work on their vehicles. The race was a total distance of 2,270.21 km. At the end of the rally Method Race Wheels athlete Austin Jones continues to dominate the T4 class and takes his second win in a row and 1st in the world cup. It's also worth noting that Austin won 5th in the overall classification keeping up with the T1 class. 

AJ Jones says, "Rally Kazakhstan was a good one for sure. Had a killer first stage and pushed really hard to establish a lead for ourselves and from then on controlled the race the next 4 days and was very cautious to not cough it up. Our goal was to have clean days and conserve the lead to the finish and thays exactly what we did. Challenges were tricky navigation on so many different roads, but Gustavo my navigator was on point and we hit every mark. Favorite part of the race was the high speeds and some sections that reminded me of home & Baja deserts. Method wheels were perfect. Ran the bead grip wheels and Tensor tires the entire time and had zero flats or problems in general with the tires or wheels. Was confident in rocks as well as dunes running that combo. Overall super stoked with the win and want to take this momentum into Silkway and try and go for three in a row!"









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