Another awesome Score International Baja 1000 has come and passed. The course this year was crazy! Everything from rain ruts to swimming holes and fences played a factor in making sure your notes were on point. The UTV class was stacked this year with over 69 vehicles. Branden Sims ran a consistent 3rd place through out the race and then put the hammer down towards last couple hundred miles. Sims and his team would stand on top of the Pro UTV Forced Induction class and 2nd place overall! Rhys Millen started deep in the pack and put on a conservative charge towards the front. Meanwhile they are racing on the new MR401R race wheel wrapped in the Tensor Tire DS race tire with 0 testing. At the halfway point Rhys and his team were catching the leaders in his naturally aspirated UTV pretty quick. Unfortunately the leaders would run into malfunctions and pull off the course letting Rhys and his team stand on top of his class and claiming a first place overall! 

More info on the new MR401R coming soon!

Video by UTVUnderground.

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