Shane McElrath came out swinging at the Supercross season opener and ran away with a big W! We are stoked to be apart of the Troy Lee Designs Racing Team and can not wait for whats in store. 

Transworld MX had a chance to catch up with the Legend himself Troy Lee and had a few questions. 

Troy, congratulations on another Anaheim 1 win! How does it feel?

We have won a couple, but the main goal is to win a championship and I believe we are on the right path to do so. The helmet painters want to win some shit (laughs).

The hype coming in was all about Jeremy Martin and Austin Forkner, but Shane McElrath came out and took the win. How did you feel about your squad coming into this season?

I really didn’t know where we were at because we were all only riding on our own tracks coming into the season. I was stressing out at home, wondering how we would do, so it was really cool to come here and see that we can be first and obtain the win. It was awesome to see our guys do so well, and I can’t wait to go to each race and see what the future holds for us. My focus is for us to win a championship, and that’s what we are going to shoot for.

I know you’ve had some big changes recently with investors, and I’ve heard that some have questioned the amount of money being spent on racing, what a way to come out here and show them that it’s all worth it…

Yeah, we had a bunch of designs on the table that we couldn’t make happen, so we brought in some investors to help bring us to the next level. They came in and simply said, “ here is the budget, go make it happen.’’ I want to be an artist, that’s what I’m best at, so I’m thrilled to be moving forward with thought-out plans.

When you first launched the race team, it wasn’t a huge success. Now after you’ve had multiple race wins, does each win feel just as sweet as the first?

Each win is amazing, It feels so good to see all the effort we put into the team pay off. Everyone comes together to make this team a success, so when we are able to get a race win, it feels just as sweet as our first with Cole.

How does it feel to see your guys get their first win?

It’s a thrill! They put so much work into it, and I do my best to help by giving them the best equipment out there. Any way we can make it a touch better for the rider, we do. Our athletes are such great people, and we fully believe in them and do what we can to help them throughout their career. I’m thrilled I can give back to the sport for how much the sport has given me.

There will be some celebrating tonight and maybe tomorrow, but come Monday it’s crunch time in preparation of round two…

Yeah, we’ll get back to it and keep moving forward. It’s much easier working on Monday after a win, getting the win really takes back your doubts and gives you a sense of pride.

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