The Dirtfish Rally team caught up with legend Travis Pastrana after he decided to crush a record at Climb to the Clouds and had a little Q&A time. 

DF: What was your initial reaction the first time you drove the 600hp beast that Vermont SportsCar had built for the record attempt? Did you know right at that moment that you had a car that could beat the record?

The first time I stepped on the gas pedal in my rocket ship of a hillclimb Subaru, you couldn’t take the grin off my face for the rest of the weekend. There was no doubt in my mind that David and I weren’t just racing for the win, but one of us was going to come home with the record so long as the weather held, and it turned out to be a spectacular weekend.

DF: What is your favorite section of the Mt. Washington Auto Road? What is the sketchiest section?

My favorite section was the part about 3 miles up until the dirt at about mile 5. It’s the most technical part with the most bumps and jumps.

The top is the sketchiest by far. Speeds around 140mph and regularly putting a wheel over the edge of the narrow road with a few hundred foot drop on one side and no guard rail or catch fence.

To check out the full interview CLICK HERE!

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