The 701 and 703 Bead Grip® wheels are the perfect options for the enthusiasts who crave adventure and performance. Now available in Ford Transit AWD and Ram ProMaster van fitments, Bead Grip® technology will allow deflation of tires down to pressures that previously would have required beadlock wheels to ensure tires didn’t debead on the trail. Lower pressures also increases a tire’s contact surface area giving you better traction and improved ride comfort by effectively reducing the spring rate of all four tires. Additionally, a reinforced inner lip taken from MRW Race wheel technology was integrated into the wheel to increase strength. The wheels itself is made from solid A356 aluminum and constructed by using a T6 heat treatment construction. The engineers of the wheels even considered protecting the valve stems and placed it in a location to make sure it isn’t damaged on the trails.

701 - Ford Transit AWD


703 - Ford Transit AWD


703 - Ram ProMaster




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