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Ever since the Hoonigans teased the world with Travis Pastrana’s Subaru WRX STI in its raw, glorious, carbon fiber form—it made Gymkhana 2020 one of the most highly anticipated drops of the year. A few weeks later we got a look at the final deign with the livery and uniquely painted 502 wheels which only left automotive enthusiasts wanting more.

For years fans have been demanding to see Subaru in the spotlight of Gymkhana videos. The first Gymkhana practice video launched back in 2008 with Ken Block and a 530hp 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Even in the second installment we saw Block behind the wheel of a Subaru. Throughout the years Block switched to Ford taking us to many parts of the world. But it wasn’t until Gymkhana Ten where we saw Block drive in five epic locations with five different cars and end with him handing down the mantle to Pastrana former rally teammate. Now almost a year later we have Gymkhana 2020.

It’s no secret that the video will take place at Pastrana’s hometown of Annapolis, Maryland and locals did not hesitate to record footage of him sending his STI across Ego Alley, a popular waterway. In a recent Hoonigan Build Biology video we learn that the Subaru is pushing 862hp and has active aero for when it catches air. The Gymkhana Subaru is equipped with 502 Rally Series wheels, the same wheels that the Subaru Motorsports USA rally team uses in their rally car.  

Subaru STI Shakedown


  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Over engineered to exceed SAE 2530 specifications
  • Unique 10 windowed design with debossed details and METHOD logos
  • Bolt-on center cap with embossed METHOD logo
  • Strong 1850 lbs. load ratings
  • Hub centric fitments for common applications
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty
  • Wheel will clear Subaru STI with Brembo brakes




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