It's calm in sunny LA the week before the X Games, but on the other side of the country Subaru Rally Team USA is in the heat of battle at the New England Forest Rally.

Sixteen seconds. It's all that separates David Higgins and Ken Block as the final day of the 2013 New England Forest Rally begins.

The two teams have very different strategies. To stay in the hunt for the Rally America Championship, Block desperately needs the win today. Meanwhile, Subaru Rally Team USA is playing a longer game, banking on the significant points lead they've built by being on the podium at every event this year.

However, if you were to suggest to David Higgins and Craig Drew that they should coast to second and bank the points, you'd quickly learn that this team has no interest in being runners-up!

Next, we head to X Games Los Angeles with Sverre Isachsen and his family who have joined him at the event. The Viking Warrior is a patient man. Previous events have shown promise and given him confidence, but now is the time to deliver a result. 

The team knows that here, on the biggest stage of the season, a clear and obvious step forward is important. It wont be easy though as X Games Los Angeles features the deepest lineup of GRC competitors yet, all eyeing a coveted X Games medal!

This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is Launch Control.

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