We sat down with CJ Greaves, son of the legendary Johnny Greaves. CJ and his dad had some gnarly battles this year and finished on top! He even got his feet wet in desert racing a Class 10 machine at Rage at the River a few months ago. Needless to say, CJ is doing big things!

Hey CJ, how is your off season going? And how is it treating you?
Off season has been very good, with not a lot of snow which means no snowmobiling we have had a lot of shop time.

Oh bummer! Did you spend time with the family for the holidays? What did you do?
The holidays are always an awesome time, this year I actually just hung out at my
parents house for Christmas and went bowling for New Years.

Sweet! So how did your 2015 go? We know you killed it! Did it play out as suspected?
2015 was an awesome year!! Ended the year with two championships and a cup win. At the end of the day I don't know how much more we could of asked for.

With such a good program in 2015 is there any big changes for 2016? Any big goals?
For 2016 were just hoping to pick up where we left off from 2015!

Is there anything in the works that we do not know about?

Not that I know of.

What are you stoked about for the upcoming season?
Just excited to race another year of Pro2 and Pro4 with the team and have some good battles. Also looking forward to running my 10 car in a couple events.

Rad! Well thanks for Checkin' In with us CJ. Goodluck this year and give your pops another run for the money!

Photos By Bink Designs

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