The Traxxas TORC Series made it’s next stop for rounds 7 & 8 at the Big House, Crandon International Raceway. After periodic storms the three days leading into the event it finally let up for Saturday. Unfortunately the weather caused practice and qualifying to be canceled and the Pro classes were only allowed one practice lap before their races on Saturday.

In Saturday’s Pro Light race, points leader CJ Greaves was in third place but had to pull off early with mechanical issues. Home town racer Keegan Kincaid took the hole shot and never looked back getting first place. “First day at Crandon, I knew I had to be smooth, kept my pace and came with this Traxxas, AMSOIL, Maxxis Tire Pro Light on top today. It feels great to take a win in front of the home town, this is better than my first win being in front of family, hopefully we can do it again tomorrow,” stated Keegan.

In Sunday’s race Keegan put the hammer down and won the second days race. Brad Lovell took the second place finish both days which helped his points chase. CJ Greaves came back from Saturday’s mechanical failure taking the third place spot on the podium.

In Saturday’s Pro 2wd race the number 9 Chad Hord took his first win since the 2011 Amsoil Cup race. CJ Greaves was on Chad’s tail most of the race but ended up in second. With Bryce Menzies out for the GRC race in X Games, Ricky Johnson took over Bryce’s Pro2wd for the weekend and finished third on Saturday.

In Sunday’s Pro 2wd race Rob MacCachren took the hole shot with Chad Hord, CJ Greaves, Jeff Kincaid and Mike Oberg following into the front stretch. Rob Mac was the fastest of the day and also earned the Oakley Bomb award. CJ Greaves chased down Chad Hord and eventually made the pass putting him in the second place spot and Hord finished in third.

After coming off of his first win in the Pro 4×4 class at Bark River, Mike Jenkins brought home a back to back win at the 7th round in Crandon on Saturday. Ricky Johnson and Mike Jenkins had a door to door battle and Johnson ended up bicycling the truck in the last turn and finished in second place. Johnny Greaves battled his way through the field for a third place finish.

On Sunday Mike Jenkins snatched up the hole shot with Rob MacCachren, Adrien Cenni and Johnny Greaves in hot pursuit. Jenkins held on to the lead for four laps but Johnny Greaves was moving through the pack after passing Rob Mac and eventually Jenkins to take the lead. Greaves never looked back taking the win and also the fastest lap winning the Oakley Bomb award. Scott Douglas also made a pass on Jenkins giving him the second place spot and Mike Jenkins ended up in third.

Words & Pics via Race-Dezert




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