Launch Control: Second to None Ep.3.12: VIDEO

November 30, 2015

"With seven victories in hand, the Lake Superior Performance Rally is all that stands between Subaru Rally Team USA and a perfect season. 

Perfection is unrelenting. An internal desire. An unobtainable goal. But here they stand… Subaru Rally Team USA began this season with a new chassis and a fresh sheet. Eight Rally America events on the calendar; eight opportunities to prove themselves. Sno*Drift brought a maiden victory for the new car, and one-by-one wins accumulated. Some victories, dominant. Others, a hard fought battle. Some nearly didn’t happen at all. But while the path taken might have been different, they all led to the top step of the podium for David Higgins and Craig Drew. Now, the Lake Superior Performance Rally is all that remains. A rare opportunity hangs in the balance: the chance to complete a perfect season."

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