We headed down to Jake Velasco Race Prep In El Cajon, CA for a shop tour.  Which is also the birth place of the Method '74. We asked Jake a few questions about his background in the off road Industry and how JVRP came to be.

Q: When and where JVRP started?

A: Started in my garage back in October '14.

Q: How did you get into Offroad racing?
A: I grew up watching (3) of my older cousins race quads in D-38 races, best in the desert and Score International races when I was old enough for my parents to let me cruise to Mexico with my Aunt Ning and Uncle Edward. I believe it was 2000 when Marty Coyne purchased Robby Gordons v-drive Trophy Truck. I had been friends with Travis and Brandon Coyne for a few previous years. Once I got to see that truck up close after the Superstition New Years race, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. After several years of volunteering for Coyne Motorsports i joined on a shop/business venture with Paul Mischel (Racer Services). I could go on and on but I dont think were in a time frame for an autobiography, Ive got cars to get prepared for the Baja 1000.
Q: What is made in-house and what is outsourced for your builds?
A: We try to do most fabrication in house. I have a couple go to guys for machine work and waterjet service. But I would like to one day be able to do all in house.
Q: What are day-to-day activities at the shop?
A: The shop day to day consists of teardown and preparations of race vehicles/ prerunners. Looking for ways to make vehicles, lighter and quicker. Maintenance is key to try and stay ahead of the game. We are currently preparing for the SCORE Baja 1000, pit and race logistics are a big priority at the moment.
Q: What is your relationship like with Method Race Wheels?
A: I believe the relationship between Method Race Wheels and JVRP is a strong one. I enjoy staying on the leading edge in the sport and I feel that Method is all over it right now. The Method74 was an entertaining build to say the least. What I got most out of the builds was they definitely brought our families closer. We were able to spend weekends together finishing up the truck for the NORRA Mexican 1000.
Q: What is your shop music playlist?
A: Lately we have been listening to mostly country. Late nights I will jam out to Skrillex. 
Q: What is a random fact you know?
A: Hard work pays off and Coffee makes you poop!
Q: How do you keep calm before hectic race weekends?
A: There is no such thing, I just simply try to control the khaos.
If you missed the Method 74 breakdown, you can view it here.
Enjoy These Photos!

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