By now many of you have already put in your reservation for the all-new Ford Bronco. While the world has been waiting for the release, many companies such as 4 Wheel Parts have been busy developing parts so that when you do finally get those keys, you’ll have a variety of accessories to consider. Lucky for you, Method Race Wheels is also ready for you when you want to ditch stock factory wheels.

The 4 Wheel Part’s you see here started its life as a Black Diamond edition. First thing 4WP did was a lift with their coilovers and high angle tubular upper control arm. Forged rear lower control arms and rear track bars from 4WP are also coming soon for the suspension department.

For the exterior you’ll find the new front bumper that provides a ton of clearance and will allow you to get through obstacle without rubbing into the body. The rear bumper allows you to keep OEM features and give you high clearance, but also integrates pull points and LED lights. In the rear you’ll also notice a bracket that lifts the spare tire higher and a license plate relocation to leave more room underneath the vehicle for any big rocks you may encounter. If you’d much rather have the stock fenders removed, 4WP also has a nice delete kit that will cover those nasty exposed holes.

A total of five skid plates have been installed to protect all the important bits of the car to increase the longevity of the Bronco. Ford designed the Bronco to have accessory points and 4WP made A-pillar pods where you can mount two lights. For this Bronco, 4WP fitted it with Method Race Wheels 310 Con 6 wheels from our Street Series lineup that you can learn more below.



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