Jason Voss has been on a tear lately. Not only is he the Number 1 plate holder in the Best In The Desert series, he's coming off of a victory at Vegas to Reno for the third consecutive year in a row. We recently had a chance to visit the Voss Motorsports race shop and get a glimpse into one of the top off road racing operations in the world. Thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer some of our questions and showing us around! 

Method : When did Voss Motorsports officially start? 

Jason: Voss Motorsports started back in 2005 when we entered our first race, the Terrible 250 in Pahrump, NV. We entered in the Ivan Stewart Pro Truck class. 

M: Has the shop always been at the same location? 

J: We first prepped our race truck out of our Semi truck shop at our family business, Stevens Creek Quarry. About a year into racing we knew things were getting serious and needed to build the current race shop at my parents' house. 

M: How many crew members make up the team? 

J: We have three full time crew members. The rest are all volunteers made up of family and friends. We usually go to the races with anywhere from 15-30 people depending on the race. 

 M: What is the post-race routine? 

J: Generally speaking, the truck is washed the morning after we get home from the races. By the end of the first work day the truck is completely stripped of everything except the engine. From there all the top secret stuff happens and BOOM, the truck is back together before you know it! 

M: How long does it typically take to prep the truck for a race? 

J: If we have all the parts needed to do a full prep on hand when we get back from a race we can have the entire thing ready to rock in four days. Depending on feedback from the race, we may take time to make various changes and adjustments. 

M: Do you guys handle every aspect of the truck in-house? 

J: Besides the more complex engine/trans/gears, we do all of the fabrication, prep work and damage control (haha) right here in our shop. 

M: Do you have a pre-race ritual? 

J: To be honest I'm not much for rituals. When race day rolls around you can catch me working on a bowl of cheerios and maybe a PB&J or two. After that I'm ready to race! 

They say keep things simple for success. Seems like those Cheerios and PB&J's are working. While at the shop, Jason collected his second Method Contingency $5,000 check in a row!

Thanks again to Jason and the entire Voss Motorsports squad for letting us invade for a day. Enjoy some more pics from the shop below! 



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