Tuesday, May 12, 2015.- It was a clean race with no flats or setbacks, Fernanda and Fer Vildosola arrived in second place in the traditional Code Racing For Boobs, celebrated this weekend, in one of the most recognized tracks in the off road history; the famous Laguna Salada.

With 50 vehicles from all over the region, the SVT Raptor from Vildosola Racing crossed the Salada desert with an average speed of 50.21 mph finishing the race with a final time of 2:09:03 only a few minutes behind Arlette Gomez from PIN racing.

Driving for the first time, mother and daughter, did an excellent job behind the wheel of the Vildosola Racing Ford Raptor, which has a 650 horsepower engine and reaches speeds of over 130 mph. The excellent logistics and the work of their co driver Javier Valenzuela and Adam Shreve, once again helped the Mexican team to add another podium to their list.

Vildosola Racing supported the foundation “Mujeres que Viven" whose mission is to help women with breast cancer in Mexicali, Mexico providing support in different ways during the course of the treatment.

Congratulations to Fernanda and Fer Vildósola for this great achievement.


Vildosola Racing would like to thank their sponsors: Mexicana Logistics, Branix, Estación 21, Interprotección, Red Bull, BF Goodrich, Mastercraft Safety, Impact, Borla Exhaust, King Shocks, PCI Radios, Neo Oils, Method Race Wheels, Howe Performance, Baja Designs, Race Proven, Eibach Springs, Ion Camera y Baja Traveler.

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