This is the 2024 Chevy Silverado FOX Factory Edition and it’s reimagining what the ultimate ½-ton truck can be. While the aggressive styling and massive 37-inch-tall tires make it easily stand out from the pack, countless hours from the FOX Factory team and desert racing experts Brenthel brothers has ensured this FOX + Baja Kits long travel equipped Silverado is the ultimate turnkey prerunner. From the 700-horsepower V-8 under the hood to the FOX exclusive 3.2 Factory Live Valve shocks. Each of the 500 Fox Factory Edition Silverado’s seamlessly integrates cutting-edge performance-parts into Chevy’s flagship pickup. 

Adding style and performance to the package are 17x8.5 Forged Aluminum Method Race Wheels designed specifically for the FOX Factory Edition. With this wheel set you not only get an incredibly strong and lightweight wheel, but one that is built with Method’s patented Bead Grip® technology. Using integrated Bead Grip grooves on the inner and outer bead seat, this wheel offers drastically greater bead stabilization over a conventional wheel at lower tire pressures. 

This Bead Grip technology is an extra piece of mind for when you are ready to push the Silverado’s long-travel Baja Kits suspension to the test in the dirt. For more information on how to own one of these limited-edition trucks, be sure to visit

Powering the Silverado is a 6.2L V-8 that’s been outfitted with a Gen V Supercharger kit from Whipple. This V-8 has been specially tuned to produce 700 horsepower and 640 lb.-ft. of torque. Along with the classic supercharger whine, your ears will be treated to a symphony of American muscle pumping through the Borla dual exhaust system.

All FOX Factory Edition Silverado’s are four-wheel drive and come with a 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission. The rear axle is a semi-float Dana 60 fit with an ARB Air Locker and 3.73 gearset. Going with the race-proven selectable locker gives you the option of having an open differential, which is ideal for everyday driving. With the press of a button, you can have a fully locked differential ready for desert domination.

Making this truck such a dominant force off-road is a Baja Kits long-travel suspension providing 14.5 inches of usable front travel. This system utilizes Billet Aluminum upper control arms, along with boxed and internally gusseted lower arms. A FOX steering stabilizer that is unique to this vehicle works with an HD steering linkage system for reliable and precision handling. Rounding out this ultimate IFS configuration are RCV Performance axleshafts.

The heart of this cutting edge independent front suspension is FOX Factory Race Series 3.2 Live Valve Internal Bypass shocks. Using patented Internal Bypass technology and an ECU equipped with an algorithm developed by FOX, the shocks instantly adjust to the terrain below. Along with position-sensitive shock absorbers, FOX integrated Factory Race Series 2.0 IFP bump stops. These work with a pivoting arm to ensure optimal bottom-out geometry. The result is unmatched suspension control with dependable bump stops to soften impacts in the dirt.

Outback, a Baja Kits trailing arm suspension works with the FOX 3.2 Factory Race Series Live Valve Coil-Overs to generate 15.5 inches of vertical suspension travel. This innovative suspension design uses two upper control arms, rear track bar, and Billet Aluminum trailing arms to provide the most suspension travel ever offered in a brand-new Chevy Silverado.

FOX understands that ride comfort can be subjective. They also know that your suspension requirements off-road can be much different than on-road. That’s why the FOX Factory Edition includes FOX’s new Live Valve shock management system that offers several pre-programmed damping algorithms through a dash mounted touchpoint for easy on the fly adjustment. These can be accessed through the easy-to-use touchpoint on the dash with additional features available through FOX’s new mobile app. 

Getting the power to the ground are 37x12.50R17 BFG A/T KO2 tires mounted on Method 17x8.5 FOX Factory Edition wheels. Using the patented Bead Grip technology, along with an oversized internal safety hump, the wheel provides unmatched bead rendition. Unlike a beadlock, the Bead Grip wheel is a DOT-compliant wheel design.

With 60,000 available lumens courtesy of LED lighting from industry lighting leader Nacho Offroad Technology, you’ll have no issue seeing the tracks ahead. The lights, along with the high-clearance front bumper are standard on all FOX Factory Edition trucks.

Each truck can be optioned with a dual or single spare tire mount for the bed. These are more than just tire holders as they are part of a series of frame reinforcements designed to increase the rigidity of the chassis. 

To cover the additional 3-inch track-width gain from the long travel suspension, carbon fiber front fenders and bedsides are used. You can see bits of carbon fiber peeking through via the custom graphics package. Like the front, a custom steel desert-derived rear bumper for additional protection.

The inside of the truck builds on the modern styling and creature comforts that Chevy provides at its highest trim level. Each Katzkin leather seat is embossed with custom stitching, while carbon fiber trim pieces and a custom steering wheel create a premium fit and finish.

Each of the 500 builds gets a unique plaque and an auxiliary switch panel. Here, you can engage the locker, Nacho lighting, and ARB Twin Air compressor with additional switches easy to access for other accessories.Each of the 500 builds gets a unique plaque and an auxiliary switch panel. Here, you can engage the locker, Nacho lighting, and ARB Twin Air compressor with additional switches easy to access for other accessories.

To compensate for the massive ground clearance gains, AMP Research retractable steps come standard. These tuck neatly out of view and harm’s way when the doors are closed and automatically extended when the doors are opened. This provides the greatest ease of entry without sacrificing clearance off-road.

Adjusting for acceleration, braking, and speed, the FOX 3.2 Factory Race Series Live Valve shocks are the pinnacle of performance suspension. Working rapidly, and seamlessly, the shocks actively work to keep the truck level through dynamic driving scenarios. This leads to stability and ride quality benefits that puts this truck in a class all its own.  

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WHEELSMethod Custom Bead Grip Forged Wheel 17x8.5
BF Goodrich A/T KO2 37x12.50x17

CHASSIS2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD (RST)

Power: 700hp

Torque: 640 lb/ft

Overall Length: 238 in

Overall Width: 88.5 in

Overall Height: 82 in

Overall Weight: 5900 lb (est)

POWERTRAINEngine: GM 6.2L (L87) EcoTec3 V8

Induction: Whipple Gen V Supercharger

Tune: proprietary ECM/TCM tune

Exhaust: Borla stainless cat-back dual exhaust

Transmission: 10L80 10-speed automatic

Transfer Case: 2-speed selectable (2Hi, 4Hi, 4Lo, Auto)

Driveshaft: (rear) JE Reel HD driveline w/ 1350 u-joints

Front Axle: AAM - limited slip, 3.73 gearset, RCV chromoly CV axle shafts

Rear Axle: Dana 60 - semi-float, selectable ARB air locker, 3/73 gear set, 35-spline chromoly axle shafts

Front Suspension: Baja Kits Pre Runner Long Travel System

Front Shocks: FOX 3.2 Factory Race Series Internal Bypass Live Valve Coil-Overs w/  Finned Recirculating Reservoirs

Front Bump Stops: FOX 2.0 Factory Race Series IFP

Steering: Rack-and-Pinion with Baja Kits HD linkage and FOX steering damper

Front Travel: 14.5in

Rear Suspension: Baja Kits Pre Runner Long Travel Trailing Arm System

Rear Shocks: FOX 3.2 Factory Race Series Internal Bypass Live Valve Coil-Overs w/  Finned Recirculating Reservoirs

Rear Bump Stocks: FOX 2.0 Factory Race Series IFP

Rear Travel: 15.5in vertical (20in articulated)

EXTERIORFOX Factory Edition Steel Bumpers

FOX Factory Edition Carbon Fiber Fenders

FOX Factory Edition Dual Spare Tire Carrier

AMP Research Retractable Steps

Nacho LED Lighting

ARB Twin Air Compressor

INTERIORFOX Live Valve Control Touchpoint

Custom Leather/ Suede Seating

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel & Trim Accents

Serialized Badging

Dash Mounted 6-switch system