The 2015 Ultra 4 Nitto King of the Hammers Presented by 4 Wheel Parts was one of the most treacherous off road races to date. Out of 140+ entries, a mere 17 teams managed to cross the finish line. Crazy! The week prior, a few of us here at Method made the trek out to Johnson Valley to take over the water trucks that would circulate Hammer Town.

2012 KOH winner Erik Miller and his Miller Motorsports crew battled tirelessly through broken wheel studs and steering issues to finish in an incredible 2nd place overall. 

As with most competitors, Lovell Racing had one hell of a weekend. From the 1.5 hour backup through Jackhammer to the crunching bearings and a toasted front axle, the team was truly put through the ringer. They might have finished 11 minutes after the cutoff, but for all parties involved merely crossing the finish line was a victory in itself. 

Jason Scherer qualified first and made an amazing 14-car pass on Jackhammer by taking the substantially more difficult line to the right, as seen above. His luck would eventually run out and he would unfortunately DNF the race. 

The Poison Spyder crew put in a strong effort with the legendary rig 'Crispy' and ultra-legendary substitute driver, but the course proved too gnarly and the team was unable to finish out the race. Until next year! 


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