The Mexican team made history by winning first place overall for the third consecutive year in the 29th Bud Light SCORE International San Felipe 250.

With a race time of 4:03:41, Vildosola Racing enters the SCORE International record books by winning one of the races with the toughest terrain for the third year in a row, the San Felipe 250.

The record started in 2013, when Gustavo and Tavo Vildósola along with Javi Valenzuela started a winning streak that seems unstoppable. With this victory Vildosola Racing sets a new record of the only team to win the San Felipe 250 four times, three being back to back wins in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The whole team, lead by Gustavo Vildósola, had an excellent logistic plan, executed by chase trucks and pit crews which lead to this historical victory. The 2015 series starts off on the right foot for Vildosola, and it’s expected to continue through the entire SCORE International Championship. Setting sights on the opportunity to have the #1 plate on the truck next year. The team is very united and as strong as ever, looking forward to representing Mexico once again in the world of Off Road.

BJ Baldwin charged to an awesome 2nd place finish from a 15th place start!

“We had a decent day but second is much better than what we had here last year,” Baldwin said. “Tavo ran away with it. I feel we had one of the better working trucks but it wasn’t enough. Then I blew a turn towards the end and got a stick puncture – that cost us in the end.”

Steven Eugenio debuted a new look for 2015 but ran into some bad luck in Diablo Lake Bed race mile 154 where gas over spilled onto a hot brake caliber and started a fire. Eugenio was able to recharge to a 14th place finish.

Brenthel Industries finished 4th in its class after a converter issue. Brenthel drove back to their shop to switch out converters and be back to line up on race day.

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