The 2015 Best in the Desert series kicked off its 2015 season with the THR Motorsports Parker 250 where Method’s John Angal, who is a newcomer to the series, claimed the Pro UTV win, followed by Jagged X / Polaris' Craig Scanlon in second and's Ryan Poelman in third.

For the 2015 season, the Best in the Desert SxS classes is now separated from the ATV and motorcycle divisions, starting after the quad and bike classes. The BITD SxS class choices also changed for this season, and now include three classes; the Pro UTV class, the Unlimited class and the Sportsman class, while the Pro 850 class has been eliminated for 2015.

The start time for the BITD Parker 250 SxS classes was at 11:30 and they were lined up in pairs and let go at 30-second intervals. The ATV / motorcycle classes had not quite finished their three lap race by the time the SxS classes were ready to go so the quad/bike classes were held for a brief time until all 30 UTV’s left the Best in the Desert Parker 250 starting line.

Since the Arizona desert is known for its dry and dusty conditions, that can cause serious visibility issues, it was a welcomed sight when rain began to fall about an hour before the BITD SxS classes. The rain stopped right around starting time but made conditions nearly perfect for the first lap of the 2 lap SxS race.

Polaris / UTV, Inc.’s John Angal is fairly new to BITD SxS racing but already has proven himself after taking the SxS win at the 2015 Baja 1000. Angal’s efforts also caught the attention of Polaris, who is now supporting him in the 2015 BITD and SCORE series.

“It was really a dream come true for us because racing is so expensive, so it is awesome that we have that support,” said Polaris' Angal.

Angal, who was piloting the #1921 Polaris RZR was in the 13th spot on the starting line and immediately began a hard charge. “The course was good, but started getting chewed up a bit after the first lap. It took a while to get past everyone and we still didn’t know for sure if we were in the lead. It was nice after we got out front though because the dust was coming back in the second lap, so it was nice to not have to deal with it so much. I really like the winning feeling so we are hoping to continue this, but we know that luck isn’t always in our favor so we will see what happens, but it was great to have another win,” said Polaris' Angal.

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