As always, it was a crazy weekend at the Big House in Crandon for the conclusion of the 2014 TORC Series. While Saturday's rain caused competition outside of the Sportsman's class to be cancelled, Sunday's action would not want fans wanting more.

CJ Greaves | 2014 TORC Series | Pro Light

In lieu of racing being postponed on Saturday, Sunday would bring not one, but two Pro Light races. CJ Greaves took the early lead in race one and never looked back, taking the win. 

Shawn Morris | 2014 TORC Series | Pro Light

In similar fashion, Shawn Morris grabbed the holeshot in the second Pro Light race and it was smooth sailing all the way to the checkered flag. Kudos to Shawn and his team for winning their first ever Pro Light race!

CJ Greaves | 2014 TORC Series | Pro Light Champion

At the end of the day, CJ Greaves would be crowned the 2014 Pro Light Champion! 

Johnny Greaves | 2014 TORC Series | Pro 4

Next up, it was time for the Pro 4's to take the stage. The Pro 4's and Pro 2's would each run a single race in the morning with points being doubled. With Johnny Greaves needing to finish 9th or better in order to secure his second straight TORC Pro 4 championship, the competition was sure to be fierce.

Johnny Greaves | 2014 TORC Series | Pro 4 Champion

The father/son duo ran 1-2 for the majority of the race until Kyle LeDuc staged a late comeback to take the win. Johnny would go on to finish 2nd, with CJ closing out the podium in 3rd. 

CJ Greaves | 2014 TORC Series | Pro 2

All day, CJ Greaves took to the podium like flies on...well you know what. In the last race before the afternoon's Amsoil Cup, the Pro 2's took off. All season CJ's nemesis had been Chad Hord and this race was no different. In the end, Hord would win the battle but Greaves would win the war, taking the Pro 2 overall Championship. The day as a whole was a historic one, with CJ being the first driver in TORC history to win podium spots in all three Pro classes. Unbelievable! 

Finally, we have the entire TORC live stream from Crandon. For the truly hardcore, please enjoy over 9 HOURS of coverage!



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