VIDEOS: Good Old Off-Road Shenanigans

June 30, 2014

'Monday! Woohoo!' ....said no one. Ever.

Kick off the week with a good laugh and enjoy our compilation of some of the more questionable yet undoubtedly awesome decisions made by some fellow off-roaders. Remember, every single one of these videos features trained professionals on closed courses!  

*Warning: Some language NSFW*

10. Off Road Caddy

9. Buick Le Saber Long Jump

8. New Chevy Dune Jump Goes Wrong

7. Insane Suzuki Jump

6. The Most Spectacular River Crossing By Car

5. Biggest Jump at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

4. 'The Handstand'

3. How NOT to Pull a Truck Out of the Mud

2. When Pullin' Goes Too Far

1. Nissan Patrol Crazy Hill Climb


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