The 2014 BITD Parker 425 was one of the more grueling races in recent memory taking its toll on numerous vehicles. Between a narrow course, heavy dust, and numerous broken vehicles, drivers had a very tough time chasing one another. Method's Tavo Vildosola in the #21 BraNix Raptor had a great day overall, advancing from a 9th place start to finishing just 10 seconds behind the overall winner, Jason Voss. 

Method driver Mark Weyhrich in the grey #9 TSCO Trick Truck managed to hold the lead until a mechanical failure just before mile 384. It was then when Jason Voss, who had been within 1:30 of Weyhrich for some time, took over the lead. Although he lost the lead, Mark managed to repair the truck and finish a mere 32 seconds behind Voss. Top three Trick Trucks finishing within 32 seconds of each other; incredible! 

Chris Kemp qualified 6th and was able to move up two positions during the race, finishing fourth overall. 

The always consistent TSCO trucks both finished in the Top Ten. Here, Gary Weyhrich in the #98 Trick Truck finished 7th.

After qualifying third, Kyle Conlon suffered a mechanical failure in the first lap and was unable to return. Enjoy some more race day pictures below! 



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