R&D Motorsports Sets Land Speed Record!

November 27, 2013

From Race Dezert...

'The gauntlet has been thrown down. On October 22nd on the Laguna Salada dry lake bed just south of Mexicali, the record for the world fastest trophy truck was set. In the R&D Motorsports #26 Trophy Truck; AKA “The War Machine”, Jay Reichert reached 136 miles per hour, recording the official land speed record in a race ready trophy truck (No specific speed modifications done). This was merely a jab in what we hope to be outright warfare to see who has the fastest vehicle in off-road.

If you think you can go faster, all you need to do is to prove it. Make sure you film it with multiple measurements and witnesses.

Let the battle begin.'


Thanks to Mad Media for the video! 


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