Dually Wheel Valve Installation

1. Break tire bead on original equipment inner rear wheel.

2. Remove factory valve stem from original inner rear wheel.

3. Clean valve stem hole and surfaces that rubber grommet will contact to ensure proper seal.

4. Place valve extension through valve hole with grommet on the inside of the wheel.

5. Apply included thread locking compound before fastening nut. Install clamp nut and torque to 40 in-lbs.

6. Be sure valve is clear between spokes and not contacting outer wheel.

7. Reseat tire by inflating until bead pops back onto bead seat.

8. Spray soapy water around valve stem to confirm valve is properly sealed with no leaks.

9. Balance assembled inner rear wheel and tire.

10. Adjust inflation pressure tomanufacturer’s recommendation.

11. Reinstall wheel on the vehicle.

12. Outer wheel should be installed so inner and outer valve stems are 180º opposite each other.