In any form of motorsport a talent like Luke McMillin adding a piece of first-rate equipment like the Mason AWD truck to his arsenal means disaster for the competition. In this exclusive Method Race Wheels feature we take a detailed look at the state of the art in unlimited off-road racing, a fire breathing all wheel drive truck capable of conquering any terrain at blistering speeds. Of course when you have over one thousand horsepower running through all four wheels the McMillin Motorsports team relies on the strength and performance of Method’s Forged 202 Beadlock to get that power to the ground.


Chassis: Mason Motorsports AWD

Engine: Big Block Chevy, 555ci, built by Kroyer Racing Engines. 1100HP, 850 TQ

Gear Box: X Trac, 5 Speed Sequential, paddle shifted

Front Diff / Transfer Case: Mason Motorsports 

Suspension: Fox Shocks, tuned and serviced by SDG Suspension. 24” travel up front and 30” in rear. 

Steering: Steering Box by Power Steering Solutions. 

Cooling: Radiator, Oil coolers and heat exchanger by CBR Products

Brakes: 6 piston caliper, Brembo Brakes 

Body: Walker Industries Carbon

Wheels: Method Race Wheels Forged 202 Beadlock

Tires: Bfgoodrich 40” KR3



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