The Last Minute Mint is a 5 episode mad dash for Nick and Chris Isenhouer to get prepped for the 2020 Mint 400  where they not only have to prep @chris_isenhouer Ford F-100 that’s never been to the Mint400, but they also have to finish @nick_isenhouer “Never ever even been in the dirt before” steel cab 6100 Truck for the big boy race.

Follow them through the ups, downs and how to’s of the journey as they race to the finish line, just to make it to the starting line.  Anything can happen (including potentially not making it) but you know teamwork makes the dream work! 

Last Minute Mint: Episode. 1

Last Minute Mint: Episode. 2

The boys get closer and closer as each day passes and the midnight oil is burned. Nick's truck is almost rolling, and prep simultaneously continues on Chris's F100, but they are far from out of the woods, however, friends and family are all in, and hands-on so things only progress in positive directions for Episode 2 of Last Minute Mint.

Last Minute Mint: Episode. 3

While Chris' truck (F100) is steadily and meticulously gone thru to get it ready for the longest race of its life thus far, Nick and Fam. thrash on the 2+ year project T2 (OBS F150) in an attempt to get it fired up for the first time ever. This and more in Episode 3 of Last Minute Mint.

Last Minute Mint: Episode. 4

The final episode before race day - Chris shakes down the freshly prepped F100 and after years of relentless hard work Nick takes the fire-spitting T2 into the dirt for the first time ever. If you’ve been following the progress this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

Last Minute Mint: Episode. 5

Nick and Chris have both made it to the 2020 Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada. But making it there has only been half the battle... Watch as Chris lines his freshly-prepped F100 up for the longest and toughest race it's ever been to, and Nick with only a few test miles puts his newly finished F150 through the ultimate test; a 400+ mile sprint through one of the harshest racecourses on the planet where just finishing is a feat on its own.



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