The 407 Bead Grip® UTV wheel design comes from Method Race Wheel’s competitive experiences in rally and cross-country races such as the Dakar. This is the first UTV Bead Grip wheel that was truly designed and intended for competition use. The hub of the wheel was cut and designed to remove any unnecessary material to reduce weight, like what you see in the Method 401-R bead lock race wheel.

While the 407 is designed for competition use, recreational users will benefit from the same features that racers want—the highest strength at the lowest weight. The wheel has load ratings that exceed OEM and competitor wheels while being equal or lower in weight. This can offset the increased weight of larger tires or simply reduce weight when using stock tires. The reduced weight can result in improved acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency. The only problem you’ll run into is having to choose from the Bahia Blue or Matte Black finish.



2021 Sonora Rally



2021 Andalucia Rally | PROVEN