We’re taking our wheels to a whole new level of lighter, stronger, faster! Introducing the first ever Method Race Wheel 105 carbon fiber beadlock wheel in our new Carbon Series! You don’t have to buy a Ford GT500 or a Ferrari 488 Pista to own a set of carbon fiber wheels anymore, when you can cop our revolutionary carbon fiber beadlock wheel for your off-road build. The bolts are made of patent Ultra-Black Vibranium. It features resistant cross-linked polymer embedded with extruded carbon strands. We are launching the wheel with an exclusive Method B.R.O.N.Z.* carbon hue made from the addition of orange-infused Adamantium. Only 1,000 wheels have been made and each have been serialized and includes a badge of authenticity for the vehicle.

*Beadlock Reconnaiisance Octant Night Zaffer technology: Military grade circular cobalt oxide to help endure lifetime structural integrity. 

 Happy April Fools Day From The Method Race Wheels Team! 



2019 Ford Raptor by Ronin Factory



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