Ever since its release in 2019, the 409 wheel has been a game changer. It was the first wheel in the UTV Series lineup to integrate the Method Bead Grip technology. Without the need for a beadlock ring, there was more flexibility for wheel styling. Staying true to being lighter, stronger, faster.

Our patented Bead Grip Technology utilizes two key features. The integrated grooves found on the inner and outer bead seat engages the tire bead for a stronger hold under extreme side load and lower air pressure demands—similar to what you’d find in non-street legal beadlocks. The second feature is the aggressive inner safety hump that holds tire bead securely in place. It’s the same design used on wheels from the Race Series.

Constructed with solid A356 aluminum and utilizing a T6 heat treatment the 409 quickly became a popular choice for people looking for a lightweight wheel. In a 14x7 size, the wheel clocks in at 14.2 lbs. and doesn’t sacrifice strength with its mega strong 1600 lbs. load rating. A lighter wheele means less fatigue on suspension components and more available horsepower.

The design takes similar styling cues from the 313 Street Series wheel and shares similar features such as the debossed Method logo on the outer lip. The inner lip has been reinforced to make a stronger wheel, the same technology you’ll find on our race wheels.

The South Racing and Monster Energy Can-Am teams have been utilizing the 409 wheels for the 43rd edition of Dakar. The brutal 12 stage rally is a testament to the performance of this Bead Grip equipped wheel and why we say Dakar Proven!

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Dakar Proven™ 2021



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