Early in the year you’ll no doubt find us heading to Johnson Valley, CA for the annual King of The Hammers event.  A week of nonstop racing action with motorcycles, UTVS, T1, T2 and the 4400. The 4400 class is where this week’s Wheel Wednesday comes into play. Think of this class as the ultimate rock crawling vehicle, where a driver would opt for a really strong wheel such as the 202.

The 202 wheel is a forged wheel that offers the ultimate in high strength material properties to produce wheels with highest load capacities at the lowest weights. The 202 is made up of 6061-T6 material and then forged with 12,000 metric tons of force. This gives the wheel an ultra-strong 4,000 lb. load rating.

Even the beadlock bolt holes are form tapped instead of being cut to produce stronger threads. The inflation valve was strategically located in the windows to protect it from debris. A secondary valve and rim geometry allows installation of inner tire liners and valve guards. While it comes with a strong forged 6061-T6 V4 beadlock ring, a V3 ring can be purchased separately if you intend to any sort of rock crawling.

If you’re looking for the ultimate wheel in our lineup, this is it. It’s truly everything a racecar needs to be—lighter, stronger and faster. Be sure to hit the banner below to check out our King of The Hammers coverage.

Shannon Campbell 4400 car with green Method Race Wheel





Hammers Proven™ 2021