Who says a vehicle can only have one purpose? For Rachael Breen and her 2018 Ford Raptor  it serves as a dual-purpose daily driver and adventure rig. As you can imagine, Rachael takes her truck overlanding and off roading and is constantly trying to find incredible camp spots that only a vehicle like a Raptor can get to. We think she’s in the right direction.

You can’t complain with the impressive performance the Raptor has coming from the factory, but Rachael wanted to go beyond that and added a Borla Atack exhaust equipped with carbon fiber tips, a Borla resonator, SPD downpipes, SPD turbo adapters.

For exterior Rachael opted for ADD Pro’s bolt on bumper and their light hoop, Baja Designs S2 reverse lights, squadrons and LP6’s. A KB Voodoo Fabrications Max Modular Bed Rack and IKamper Skycamp Mini Rooftop tent makes camping a lot easier for her. Rachael ditched the factory suspension and went with Geiser for her lifted needs.

Rachael says, “My favorite parts of the truck are of course my Methods that can take the use/abuse I give them on all my adventures as well as my rooftop tent that allows me to call anywhere, I land my home for the night. I also love my Addictive Desert Designs bumper that gives me more clearance and allows my truck to be a weedwhacker through all the brush and trees that the Pacific Northwest has. I guess you can say there are too many to choose from!”

Rachael’s Ford Raptor isn’t quite completed yet though. Her next goal is to get Fox 3.0 Live Valves all around and her dream is to have a mid-travel kit. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for it.

Rachael’s Raptor is equipped with Method Race Wheels 305 NV. More info on these wheels below.

  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Iconic 12 window design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Street-Loc V.1 lip with undercut simulates true beadlock wheel
  • Replaceable MRW gold zinc lip bolts with optional colors available
  • Push through center cap with flush cap appearance option available
  • Strong 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. load ratings with HD 4500 lbs. applications available
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty

Owner: Rachael Breen @raptoregon

Wheels: Method Race Wheels 305 NV Bronze

Exterior: ADD Pro bolt on bumper, light hoop; Baja Designs S2 reverse lights, Designs squadrons, LP6s;IKamper Skycamp Mini Rooftop tent; MaxTrax recovery boards

Engine: Borla Atak exhaust w/carbon fiber tips, resonator; SPD downpipes, turbo adapters

Suspension: Geiser coils; Deaver +3 leafsprings



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