Tavo Vildosola

Gustavo Vildosola Jr.
How old you were when you started racing?
What did you start racing ( moto, bikes, cars, etc)?
First race driving was in a 1/2-1600 as a driver in 2000, before that I was a co-rider in a class one in 1999 San Felipe 250.
Most memorable event in racing?
My most memorable event in Racing was winning the 2010 Baja 1000. This was the first time a Mexican team in 40+ years won the overall at a Baja 1000
and in 2010 was the centennial of the Mexican revolution and the bicentennial of Mexican independence from Spain. A very special year especially to be able 
to achieve this wth my dad, it was always his dream to win a Baja 1000 overall, thats why he bought the Trophy Truck in 2004!  
Who did you look up to when you started? Hero’s?
When I started I looked up to the people who my dad looked up to, Walker Evans was his main guy! He always had a relationship with Walker and to me he was an off road God. Then as I started to get into the sport, my dad was the most influential figure for me in teaching me the ropes of driving, since the 1/2-1600 days to Trophy Truck. Another extremely influential figure for me was Rob Mac, he raced with my dad from 2004 to 2006 and I learned professionalism and preparation from Rob that I still emulate today.
Future racing goals?
My goals are a little bit different than most racing guys right now, Most drivers that I compete against are doing between 5 and 10 races, off road races plus many do other forms of racing per year. In 2016 we did 3 races, thats it!! So my goal is simply to race more, I want to do 6 raced in 2017. Obviously I would love to do Dakar, I would love to do short course racing, I would love to do other forms of racing, but my work commitments do not allow me the flexibility to have more races on my pate.
What do you do to get away from the racing scene?
I get great stories, I get an amazing family atmosphere where we can all come together for one common goal, everyone from my 3 year old boy to my 63 year old dad and everyone in between we are there to WIN the race, and everyone does their part to achieve that goal. The stories are amazing, they are ice breakers for business, new relationships, friends, etc. Racing has opened doors for me in business to bunnies partnerships like I never expected. Its not just the thrill or addiction to winning, there is a lot more to off road racing than is perceived.
How do you prepare for races or events?
My preparation for a race is pretty intense, people say that pre-running is the best part of racing. For me pre-running is homework, homework is NOT fun. I have a job to do and to get ready to ace the test, many many, many hours are dedicated to the art during pre-runing. I also have recently incorporated working out to my routine, since the 2015 Baja 500 I have been going to the gym and feel pretty good for the races now. Starting at this years Baja 500, I incorporated a serious diet plan for the races, both months before and after to keep in shape and have seen measurable results. Racing every year get more and more competitive, I feel that I have an uphill battle because I only do 3 events per year, because I have to run a company as well so I work extremely hard to try and even that playing field during my race preparation.
Favorite Foods?
Asian Food is my favorite
Favorite Movie?
Don’t really have a favorite movie, love Ghost Busters, Jurassic Park (the original), the dark knight movies and avatar.
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