Ryan Piplic

Ryan Piplic

Don't really have a nickname, a lot of people call me by my last name.


How old you were when you started racing?
19 Parents wouldn't let me race. 

What did you start racing ( moto, bikes, cars, etc)?
Grew up riding dirt bikes and quads. Didn't start racing till I moved to Arizona for school. Started racing my banshee at the local mx tracks. 

Most memorable event in racing?
My first year of racing SXS's I flipped in the first turn of a race I came back from last place to win. Also my first win in a SXS. 

Who did you look up to when you started? Hero's?
I was older when I started to get competitive and pay attention to the racing scene. But when I was racing quads! I admired Josh Fredricks, Tim Farr and Jeremiah Jones. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. 

Future racing goals?
Two of my goals have always been to race Pikes Peak and BITD race. I am now contracted to race the entire BITD and Worcs series for 2017. So hard to say future goals when one just became reality! Never know maybe Pikes Peak could be in the future?

What do you do to get away from the racing scene?
I have 2 twin boys they keep me occupied most of the time when we're not racing. They love racing at the local BMX track and going camping. But we are racing family and they love it just as much as I do. We just find other forms of Racing to keep us occupied when we're not in our Polaris SXS's 

One random fact?
I was a diver/swimmer in high school! 

How do you prepare for races or events? 
Have my two year old twins prep my race cars! That's my secrect it's all about the maintenance! They make me check every nut and bolt because I never know what they did or did not touch. ?

Favorite Foods?
Ravioli, mac&cheese or a good steak or burger.  

Favorite Movie?
Man on Fire, Days of Thunder, Happy Gilmore tv show-gold rush

Sponsors -
Polaris, Maxxis, Fox Shocks, Method Race Wheels, Longtravel Industries, Master Fabrication, Rugged Radios, Beard Seats, Antigravity Batteries, Tire Blocks, 50 Caliber Racing, Black Rhino Performance and RAD Custom Graphics.