Patrick Clark

Patrick Clark
Charles Gnarly 
How old you were when you started racing?
What did you start racing ( moto, bikes, cars, etc)? 
I started off racing 
Bandoleer's then moved on to dragsters and go-karts. as i got older the cars just got bigger and faster.
Most memorable event in racing? 
Getting my first career Pro2 win from qualifying number one to leading the entire race green flag to checkered.
Who did you look up to when you started? Hero's? 
Rob Mac has always been a favorite of mine. with his ability to dominate anything he drives and does so with such a calm and clean manner.
Future racing goals? 
To become the best racer i can be no matter what the sport and to win championships 
What do you do to get away from the racing scene? 
I just try hanging out with friends whether its on my boat at the river or taking the side by side out to the dunes. other than that you can find me at any offload racing event.
One random fact?
I used to be a professional trap shooter.
How do you prepare for races or events? 
I like to try becoming mentally ready. leading up to a race and during  can be very demanding and stressful. if you let anything effect you out there can be the difference between a good or a not so good day.
Favorite Foods?
Carne asada tacos and cheeseburgers have to be the top 2.
Favorite Movie? 
Anything funny. i'm always down for a good laugh but you can never go wrong with a classic but if i had to list a couple it would be top gun, spaceballs,  james bond, and jurassic park  

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