David Higgins

Name : 
David Higgins


I am at the age that I am grateful to have another birthday, but stopped counting the amount.

How old you were when you started racing?
Started BMX when 6, then motorbikes at 8 karts at 10

What did you start racing ( moto, bikes, cars, etc)?
Above answers that

Most memorable event in racing?
Properly my first international win on the Welsh rally 1999 driving a production Subaru against more than 15 factory teams, that closely followed by our LSPR rally win in 2013 when it was winner takes all with Ken Block.

Who did you look up to when you started? Hero's?
My parents, they were great competitors and it's them I have always wanted to please, once I started competing in Rally Richard Burns was my mentor and I even won my first championship driving for his team.

Future racing goals?
I would like to compete in more rallycorss events. Returning to Mt Washington Hillclimb for another record run would be fantastic.

What do you do to get away from the racing scene?
I am very busy now with both my Children racing Karts, so don't really get away from motorsport, I also still drive karts myself and enjoy cycling, I do try and play a bit of go,f as good way of getting away from wheels for few hours.

One random fact?
Raced and beat David Coulthard in karts

How do you prepare for races or events?
I enjoy mountain biking and spend lot of time training this way between the events and in the off season.

Favorite Foods?
All things I can't have during season, pasta would be very high up there but don't have very often, and special treat would be home made apple crumble. I love sea food, so that's what I eat most with great veg. And good cup of tea.

Favorite Movie?
I really like Adam Sandler movies, "Happy Gilmore" is classic.

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