Wilkey's Back in Urban Assault 2: VIDEO


As most of you know Blake Wilkey ended up doing some hard time for his stunts in San Diego. Well he's back! After some "Discipling" and probably some Traffic School hours he is ripping up and down downtown Las Vegas.  Check it out.

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Method Race Wheels
Method Race Wheels

March 20, 2018

Not sure what outside advertising you’re seeing (because there is none). We’re pushing various products that we sell within the blog because….well because it’s our website. Thanks for the kind words. Have a great day!

Your Site Sucks
Your Site Sucks

March 19, 2018

Came looking to read your threads but there’s so much advertising it wouldn’t let me see it so I finally clicked behind the edge to get here. Now I’m on your main site and thread gone. Your site sucks with you caring more about advertising revenue which no one will use than the people who care here for the community.

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