It’s no surprise that Ultra 4 would host their 2021 West Regional Championship season opener at Moab, Utah—it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s wonderland filled with trails (Consult GO! Moab guide). One of the more challenging trails can be found in private park Area BFE where racers across the US gathered for the King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown. The course consisted of six miles of elevation changes, tight canyons, rocky hill climbs, tight turns, ledges and sharp rocks. The 4400 Unlimited class ran a total of eight laps, the 4500 and 4800 folks raced five laps, the 4900 UTV class ran four laps and lastly the 4600 Stock class raced three laps. The race lived up to its namesake as all racers in all classes were faced with quite a beat down.

Ultra 4 is known for vehicle’s adaptability with the mix of off-road racing and rock racing. The qualifying lap quickly tested racers and their cars with hairpin turns, quick back stretches and brutal rock sections. According to Ultra 4, some racers were fast, while others might have pushed their cars too hard resulting in a night of wrenching in preparation for the next day’s racing activities.

As expected, race day was filled with back-to-back racing that had its fair share of flips, recoveries and demonstration of skilled driving. The main event—the 4400 Unlimited class— is where things get more exciting and is when the energy level in the arena goes to another level. As the teams launched off the line, it became clear that speed and survival of hard-hitting rock ledges and quick turns were key to overcoming Area BFE. After 50 miles of non-stop focus Bryan Crofts got his first Ultra4 4400 class victory, coming in second and third were Method Race Wheels athletes Darian Gomez and JP Gomez.

While the kickoff to the 2021 season was Optima Batteries King of The Hammers, to earn National Championship points, a driver must compete in KOH, Nationals and at least three regional races. Area BFE was an exciting start to the West region and has set the stage for a points battle in all the classes. Next up for Ultra 4 is the East Series in Rush, Kentucky on April 16th and 17th.

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