If you made it this far chances are you wanted to see our favorite Tacomas running Method Race Wheels on the Gram. If you're looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place. In no particular order, here are our current top picks!


Off-road enthusiast Blaise Iacofano has one of those builds on 305's that looks simple but super functional when you take it off the pavement.



Pro MTB Downhill shredder Kailey Skelton is not afraid to put anything with wheels to good use. Whether she's on the go, at the track or in the hills, her Machined 304 equipped Tacoma stands out from the rest no matter where she's at.





Founder and Owner of Tacomabeast, Mateo's 317 equipped Tacoma is one we can't get enough of!


Our dude Tyler Joho's Tacoma is a prime example of an overland build that is everything you need nothing you don't. Equipped with our Gloss Titanium 703 Trail Series wheels packed with Bead Grip® technology, Tyler tackles any adventure no problem!



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