Glory Is the Dish of the Day | Day 6

And now it's time to say goodbye...
The 2020 Yokohama Sonora Rally has reached its end, but not before an exciting Special Stage Five could take place! There were some surprises, another chance for speed and an ocean of sand. It's time to leave our little sanctuary and brave the real world again, but not without carving this epic adventure into our memories.


What Goes Up, Must Come Down | Day 5 

The penultimate race has reached its exciting conclusion, and now there are less than 12 hours between the competitors and the podium. Special Stage Four took amped up the volume since the former challenge, introducing dunes of enormous size, among other obstacles, to the route. Take a look at our story, read about the triumphs and heartbreak, and take a much-needed break from the "real" world!


Sand, Speed and an Impending Storm | Day 4

The first day in the dunes was a hoot. But it was only a taste. Cut short and starting early due to an impending storm, the racers crisscrossed the sand then wound through fast twisties in the second section of the day. Pilots were given another chance to give it some gas before the road narrowed and forced some caution. 
Please give our story a read to "experience" the trials and tribulations for yourselves...

Give It Some Gas | Day 3

2020 Sonora Rally | Day 3

The 2020 Yokohama Sonora Rally, presented by Method Race Wheels, has hit the middle marker. More rocks and climbs and water-crossings kept the teams on their toes in Special Stage Two. But the latter half of the day opened up to smooth, fast ranch roadways so they could really get the full force out of their engines. Rankings couldn't be more diverse, even the predictable guys are surprising us! Check out the video below and see how Day 3 went down in Mexico!

2020 Sonora Rally | Day 2

At over a hundred miles long, Special Stage One set the bar high. Nearly 6,000 feet in fact. The rolling desert valley turned into a mountain run that included quick turns within a steep climb. The winding roads, slick sand wash, and water crossings produced a fun and challenging day. Ricky Brabec, last year’s Yokohama Sonora Rally winner, crossed the starting line sporting the #1 plate with 2018 champion, Skyler Howes #2, and BAJA 1000 winner, Colton Udall #4, hot on his trail. In the end, the stage gave the athletes and observers alike a remarkable finish just outside of San Felipe de Jesus.


The 2020 Yokohama Sonora Rally has officially begun | Day 1 

The Yokohama Sonora Rally, presented by Method Race Wheels, starts out at the Hermosillo Araiza Hotel early morning and embraces the quiet landscapes of Mexico’s Sonora State. The racers embarked on a clear blue day while teams filed in one-by-one through the entrance where their race vessels and gear were scrutinized. As they struck out under the Method archway, the racers battled through some of the most beautiful terrains in Mexico.



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