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PROVEN | UTV World Championships Winners

PROVEN | UTV World Championships Winners

Over 250 drivers entered this year’s UTV World Championship known as the world’s biggest UTV race. Held in Lake Havasu City in Arizona, the best UTV racers on the planet gathered for a chance to win the title of UTV World Champion. Races were split between two days and included four Youth Classes, four Short course classes and six Desert classes. At the end of the race many Method Race Wheels athletes took home the win in multiple classes.

First up,is the Desert Pro Turbo class where Method Race Wheel athletes swept all three podiums. Ryan Piplic in his T815 RZR takes home first, Justin Lambert in the T918 RZR takes second and Branden Sims in the T913 RZR finishes third.

Ryan Piplic says, “This year’s UTV World Championship was by far the toughest most challenging track to date! We had no time to rest we had everything from endless miles of washboard, huge rocks and race ending dangers. Then to add to that dust and sunset going into the night made it extremely challenging! We came home with the win and zero issues with our wheels. And we hit just about everything as fast as we could. My wheels were the last of my worries! Lighter stronger faster!”

Last but not least in the Youth 570 class, Ethan Groom and his Y911 RZR takes first place clocking a total time of 48:02.809. His fastest lap was blistering 11:55.782 and an average lap of 12:00.702. In the Pro NA and Pro Unlimited class Dodge Poelman takes first and Kaden Wells finishes strong with second place behind Dodge by 10:55.363.


  • The Method 401-R High Offset UTV Wheel paired with a Tensor Tire DSR 33.
  • A proven winning combination. The pairing of the 401-R and Desert Series Race (DSR) tire line from Tensor Tire professionally mounted and shipped direct to your door.
  • Developed for the extremes of off-road racing
  • Width and offset provide optimal handling and feedback for the driver
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Iconic 12 window design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability
  • Forged 6061 aluminum V.2 beadlock ring for greater strength and less deflection
  • American made Grade 8 zinc-plated beadlock hardware kit included
  • Super strong 1600 lbs. load rating
DSR 33:



  • Patented American Made Race Tire developed specifically for competition
  • Proprietary nylon bias ply with fiberglass belted construction saves weight over steel
  • Decreased weight unleashes all of the available horsepower from your machine 
  • Evolved closed tread pattern reduces drivetrain strain without reducing traction 
  • Superior steering response and decreased braking distance from flatter tread contact patch 
  • Increased number of biting edges for quicker acceleration 
  • Unique weight optimized ribbed protection for puncture prone upper sidewall 
  • 1600 lbs. load rating will support fully loaded machines 
  • 33x10x15  
  • 39.2 lbs.  


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