Added to the history book of overall winners of the Mint 400, Luke McMillin takes 1st place against some of the heaviest hitters in off-road racing in this year’s 2020 Mint 400. With an unofficial time of 6:49:52, McMillin and co-driver Jason Duncan win the overall race in their #83 Unlimited Truck. Luke’s truck ran flawlessly from the start and his course management was spot on. The McMillin name is a legacy in the history off-road racing with Luke’s dad Mark winning the race back in the day. Luke adds another Mint win to their racing dynasty. His Unlimited Truck is built using Method’s 103 Race Series wheel.
  • Solid A356 aluminum construction with proprietary heat treatment
  • Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability
  • Forged 6061 aluminum V.1 beadlock ring
  • American made Grade 8 zinc-plated beadlock hardware kit included
  • Redundant sets of threaded beadlock hardware holes machined into wheel
  • Increased room for clearance of larger brake calipers
  • Mega strong 4000 lbs. load rating
  • Custom bolt drilled bolt patterns and hub openings available
The equivalent Method Race Wheel for your off-roading street truck is the 315 Street Series wheel. Get the street-legal look of the 103 Race Series wheel for your custom off-roading street truck. With the V.1 street-loc lip, it identifies with Method’s off-road race winning wheel design.

Branden Sims Method Race Wheels proves worthy in the harsh desert, as he rockets to the top of the podium in his T913 Tensor Tire, Polaris RZR. The UTV Pro Turbo division is stacked with talent, but Sim’s started out in the first row, took the lead and never looked back. His winning combination is Method’s 401-R UTV Series race wheel with Tensor Tire’s DSR33, an American made race tire. No issues means wins.
Branden relies on the Method’s 401-R UTV Series, High-Offset 15X17 wheel and DSR 33" Tensor Tire. Own this winning combination.
  • Developed for the extremes of off-road racing
  • Width and offset provide optimal handling and feedback for the driver
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Iconic 12 window design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability
  • Forged 6061 aluminum V.2 beadlock ring for greater strength and less deflection
  • American made Grade 8 zinc-plated beadlock hardware kit included
  • Super strong 1600 lbs. load rating
Adam Householder is a rising star in the off-road racing community. Adam secured a 1st. place win in the “Baja Truck” 6100 division. Heated competition combined with the rugged terrain worked out perfectly for Adam as he navigated his truck for the win. Adam’s truck has the same Method 103 Race Series wheel as did Luke.
Method Race Wheels are designed in Southern California and then race proven by the fastest racers on the planet.



The 704 Trail Series wheel is available now!



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