Luke McMillin and his brother Dan decided to pair up at the 2016 Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno. Luke charged during time trails and set a good qualifying lap in 7th. Giving them a somewhat fresh air start on day 1. Coming into pit 1 there was a accident on the course causing the teams to trailer their trucks to pit 2 to resume the race. After some confusion Luke was pushed back 3 positions but would make up time back to 7th at the end of the day. On day 2 it was Dans turn behind the wheel. One of the goals for the brothers was to see how far they could push the 83 truck in preparation for the Baja 1000. Some of the last sections of V2R were rough and full of sharp rocks. Dan was pushing hard but getting a couple flats would hurt his time. At the end of they day the brothers finished a solid 10th place.

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