There’s no denying that the Ford Bronco is the most hyped SUV this year. Many news sites have reported that over 230,000 people have reserved the Bronco. Chance are, that number has gone up by now and some may not even see their Bronco until 2022. Even when you decide you want a Ford Bronco, you’ll need to think what trim level you want. We particularly like the prototype Sasquatch package that was spotted with our 105 Race Series beadlock wheels. If you want something that’s ready to take on the Baja 1000, you’ll probably want this Ford Bronco R that our friends at Desert Assassins have been testing with. Here are 9 things you should know about the Bronco R Team.

  1. Bronco R is a Ford Performance project
  2. Lead Ford Performance Engineer - Brian Novak 
  3. Bronco R Builder - Geiser Brothers - Multi-time SCORE builder of the year 
  4. Geiser Brothers lead - Rick Geiser
  5. DA Team Manager - Johnny Campbell - 11-time Baja 1000 Champion - Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee 
  6.  DA Lead Engineer - Mike Craft - Baja 1000 and NORRA 1000 overall wins 
  7. DA Lead Technician - Rene Brugger - 7 time mid size truck champion and 3 time Baja 1000 class winner 
  8. Current drivers
  •  Shelby Hall @thashelbsta - 2-time Baja 1000 class winner 
  • Jason Scherer @jasonscherer76 - 3-Time KIng of the Hammers 
  • Curt LeDuc @curt.leduc - Baja 1000 Champion - Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee 
  • Cameron Steele @cameron_steele16 - Baja 1000 Champion - Off road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee  

9. The team is using 202 Race Series beadlock wheels. 



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