BUILT TO DESTROY | LS Swapped FORD F-100 - Home Garage Built!

THIS WAS SHOT BEFORE THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. STAY HOME! This was our first time heading out to Fallbrook and our first time meeting the new homie, Eric Reynolds. Eric actually garage built a BITCHIN 1975 Ford F-100 with minimal tools and a whole lot of patience. His truck is sitting on 40's and a LS3 in the engine bay. Watch as he gives us a breakdown of his truck.

BUILT TO DESTROY | 1st Gen TOYOTA TUNDRA w/ 2nd Gen Conversion!

So our good friend, Eric Connor, has a bitchin 1st Gen Toyota Tundra that he literally built and destroyed... He quickly got the truck back up and going again but built it better than ever and gave it a facelift. Watch as we do a walk around of his build and show some of the best action we've shot of this thing.

BUILT TO DESTROY | LS Swapped Jeep Cherokee XJ!

In today's BUILT TO DESTROY, we finally give you all what you've been asking for...Darren Parson's Jeep Cherokee XJ built to be a prerunner/rock crawler. Darren and his buddy put some serious work into this thing and it shows. It's definitely one of the baddest XJ's around.


BUILT TO DESTROY | Darren Parsons is BACK! Rebuilt 1990's Ford Ranger

In today's BUILT TO DESTROY, we go to Ridgecrest, CA to meet up with our longtime homie Darren Parsons. He breaks down his newly rebuilt, 90's themed Ford Ranger prerunner. We talk about the rebuild process and the upgrades he made to "1447.2".

BUILT TO DESTROY | Daily Driver GMC Prerunner

We went down to San Diego to hang out with our friend Mason Taylor. He gave us a walk around of his bitchin "street legal" GMC prerunner and also showed us his favorite spot to get some food.

BUILT TO DESTROY | Mike’s F100 Walk Around w/ RJ FAB!

So prior to the Barstow accident, we connected with Mike OBS and RJ Fab and did a walk around of this beautiful F100. Although this truck took a spill we still felt like this episode on the truck deserved to be released. So many amazing builders had a hand in putting this truck together.

BUILT TO DESTROY | Blake Wilkey Shreds Mexico in 560+HP VW Bug

We head down to Mexico to take a tour around a shop Blake Wilkey was working in and he gives us a breakdown of the iconic Megalodon. He also offered to give us a ride, so of course, we couldn't say no. Blake Wilkey and James have a lot of history together, Blake is one of the CORE since day 1 Terra Crew dudes and it was about time to get this episode out.




We went out to San Diego and dropped into the Isenhouer Brothers shop and got some updates on their builds. Chris Isenhouer's F100 is nearly done and Nick Isenhouers T2 is making headway and we can't wait to see these guys back out again. Check out their compound and get a detailed update in this episode of Built To Destroy.

BUILT TO DESTROY | Supercharged Toyota Tacoma Prerunner!

Our homie Travis Flowers brought out his very sick supercharged Toyota Tacoma! The sound this thing makes turns heads everywhere he goes through the dunes. We love Taco's and we're stoked we were able to catch up with Travis and his "mildly" built prerunner! Check it out dudes.

BUILT TO DESTROY | 1997 Ford Ranger Prerunner

Every Prerunner build starts somewhere and generally it's with a Ford Ranger. We meet up with our buddy Matt and check out his 1997 Ford Ranger. It is still leaf-sprung but he's still sending it.

BUILT TO DESTROY | 1999 Ford Ranger PRERUNNER + Pit Bike Madness

Our friend Tyler is the owner and fabricator at TNT FAB in Ventura, CA and his 1999 Ford Ranger is a driving example of the quality he produces. His truck has been through the gnarliest desert whoops, biggest dune hucks, and just keeps on going. Tyler gives us a breakdown of his "mildly" built Ranger and we have plenty of action to you what it's been thru.





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