We had the privilege of chatting with Andy McMillin to talk about his life, career, and the future of the Off-Road Industry. 

Andy McMillin
Bebo (long story)
Favorite thing to do outside of racing?
Spend time with my family at the river.
Obviously being in the McMillin Family Off-road racing is in your blood. In the early days what was your favorite part of off-road?
Pre-running was the best part for me before I started racing. I started driving our family’s race cars in Baja when I was 10 years old so that’s what I looked forward to the most. Pretty lucky 10 year old, haha!
Who were some of your heroes as a kid?
My dad Scott, Ivan Stewart, Larry Ragland, Roger Mears, Robby Gordon,
Any comments on partnering up with RedBull again?
Just super stoked they brought me back to represent their brand. Red Bull is synonymous with partnering with be best of the best so working with them and representing them means a whole lot more to me than what it may seem to others looking from the outside in.
What’s your take on the Baja Fans having free reign around the course?
It’s what makes Baja what it is. It’s what separates it and makes it special. Believe it or not, things have gotten a lot better in the last 15-20 years.
What are your predictions on the off-road racing scene in 5 years?
The sport is growing a lot right now. I think with the help of Social Media and big brands getting more involved with the sport creating more competition between the brands, the sky is the limit. I hope we don’t settle and the promoters & brands keep pushing our sport very hard so it can be displayed to its full potential.
Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Good luck the rest of the season. 
Thanks again guys.
Race photos by Bink Designs



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