#AHBEEF LIFE | 2020 Vegas to Reno

September 11, 2020

#AHBEEF LIFE | 2020 Vegas to Reno

The Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race is no joke. Every year racers line up to take on the longest off-road race in the United States for a 550-mile course. If that wasn’t difficult enough, racers battled brutal heat, dust and anything else mother nature can throw at them. As you can imagine, it takes every ounce of skill to cross the finish line. On top of all that qualifying was held in the dark.

Justin Lofton and his team finished qualifying with all four fenders and four tires still intact. The next morning the team swapped in a fresh transmission for race day and started off in 17th. Unfortunately transmission converter filter came apart and lost fluid ending Justin’s run. The team is determined to get everything buttoned up and ready for the next one.

  • The next generation of the ultimate race wheel — Lighter. Stronger. Faster.
  • Countless race wins and championship honors across multiple classes
  • Solid A356 aluminum construction with proprietary heat treatment
  • Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability
  • Forged 6061 aluminum V.4 beadlock ring
  • American made Grade 8 zinc-plated beadlock hardware kit included
  • Redundant sets of threaded beadlock hardware holes machined into wheel
  • Increased room for clearance of larger brake calipers
  • 12 spoke design with debossed METHOD logo
  • Mega strong 4000 lbs. load rating
  • Custom bolt drilled bolt patterns and hub openings available

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