If you follow vanlifers on Instagram, chances are that you’ve spotted Advanturing’s flat black sprinter along the way. It looks a little like Batman designed a delivery truck, and we’re digging it. Apparently, others do as well, because over the last few years this adventurous couple has accumulated over 20,000 followers on Instagram, and that number is still growing. We recently reached out to Nick and Micah to see if we could get a little peek at their van, and find out the story behind their life on the road.

Travelers are often identified by the vehicles they drive, and with such a cool van I am sure that happens to you two, but we’d like to know more about the couple behind the van. What are your backgrounds, and what was your path to this lifestyle?

We love being identified by our vehicle – it’s our alter ego!  We are from different backgrounds, we grew up in different continents – but soon after we got married we knew one of our goals was to have an overland lifestyle at some point.  Nick is from New Zealand, and Micah is from Missouri but we haven’t stayed put for too long in any one place.  Nick’s management career in aviation and tourism has seen us living all across the globe and we’ve recently completed a six year assignment in Asia.  We’ve spent time living in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Auckland so we’re pretty comfortable thrust into new locations and love exploring new places together.  Yes we savor time spent with family and friends back ‘home’ but we’re equally at home when we’re alone adventuring on the back roads.  Shortly after we got married we discovered the overlanding concept and have been saving hard and researching in our spare time to make this lifestyle a reality.  Back in 2003 we took 6 months off work and trialed living out of a vehicle traveling to 43 states across the U.S.A. It was an amazing experience but we knew then we needed a different vehicle to spend extended periods of time in and the new range of 4×4 vans that were coming onto the market quickly became our favored platform.  Since that trip it has always been our plan to trade in full-time corporate life for an overlanding setup that allowed us to travel and explore at a slower pace and continue working on side business projects.

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Words by Expedition Portal



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